New Beginnings Blueprint - A Goal Tracker To Keep You Going

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What's included in this template:

Goal Setter

The goal setter is my process for clarifying and setting my highest priorities for the year.

  1. Brain dump all of your ideas about that area of life.
  2. Distill that down to your most important goal relating to that area of life.
  3. Clarify any simple systems that if completed, will guarantee you make progress towards those goals.

Achievement Tracker

The achievement tracker was created to be as fast to use as possible.

It only involves 4 quick steps:

  1. Click the button on the main page that correlates with your achievement.
  2. Fill out what you accomplished in one quick sentence. (You can always include more detail if you wish)
  3. Set the significance of the achievement whether that be major, minor, or overcoming a bottleneck.
  4. Record how long you spent on that achievement.

The achievements fall into 3 different categories:

  1. Major: This could also be called a breakthrough. These achievements are a massive step forwards and unusually come hand-in-hand with good habits.
  2. Minor: These are the every-day good habits that add up to massive results.
  3. Bottleneck: Bottlenecks are a problem that you’ve encountered on your path of growth. Keep track of these so you can see any open problems that you haven’t solved yet. Once you have solved your pending problem, then change it to a major achievement.


This journaling system is so you can create a new entree at any time you want.

The entrees fall under four categories:

  1. Daily: A quick process where you review any progress you hade during the day.
  2. Weekly: A slightly longer process where you review your journal entries for the week and reflect on any major achievements you made.
  3. Monthly: This is where you begin to revise your ‘Systems for Success” and add more if necessary. This is also where you can adjust your current alignment if you wish.
  4. Quarterly: This is the only time when you are allowed to revise your goals if you realized there is something more important.

Ideal Week

This is a wonderful trick that helps you evaluate whether you are actually spending your time the way you want it to, or if you need to restructure your current schedule.

  1. First, create the ideal activities that would fill your week.
  2. Choose which goal they move you towards. (It is okay to have some activities that aren’t necessarily for one of your goals within reason)
  3. Set how long you would ideally spend on that task.
  4. Fill out the schedule with those tasks.

This gives you a good idea of how much time you would spend on each goal in your ideal week.

Mobile Menu

This is so you can quickly access the database on your mobile device and only provides what you need.

I recommend creating a widget on your phone and favorite the ‘Mobile Menu’ page so it is available at all times.

This will give you the most friction free experience.

I want this!

A fully loaded Notion template to help you set your goals, track your achievements, and stack win after win.

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New Beginnings Blueprint - A Goal Tracker To Keep You Going

2 ratings
I want this!